Architectural Glass

This page is about architectural Glass. I have designed several patterns for architectural glass. I can create custom designs for use in dividers, windows, facades, shower glass, transoms and sidelites. If you are in need of custom glass for a project there are several ways to sandblast the glass. Solid blasting with clear glass is the most common use of etched glass. In recent years the use of ClearShield sealer has become standard practice making the etched glass easier to clean. The next most common is the use of clear designs on solid etched background. The most exciting way to create custom designs is to carve the glass with a design and then solid blast the entire glass. This glass can still be tempered. If you have been looking at web sites for architectural glass you have probably noticed that most of them are for very large orders and very expensive. If you are looking for one or two pieces of architectural glass, I feel that I can provide you with the highest quality at the best possible price. If you have a question, please use the contact form. I can provide the glass for the job or I can blast your glass if you have a commercial glass company installing your project. Here is a link for sample jobs.