Painted Glass

This page is about painted glass and back painted glass. The biggest and first question is how much does it cost? The expense of the paint and the process for cleaning the glass requires me to charge $30.00 a square foot for colors I have in stock and a minimum charge of $400.00. There are factory coated colors that are made like mirror with a protective coating over the paint. I would be happy to answer questions and give price quotes on back painted glass. Here is a link for more information and my colors I have in stock.

The most unique back painted glass is carved and then painted glass. This would create a magnificent wall above the stove or range.

close up of carved back painted glassAnother use of back painted glass is on pattern glass. Pattern glass comes in several styles and in several thicknesses.

back painted rain glassI would love to hear some thoughts on back painted glass. Where would you like to use painted glass? Contact form