Glass Gifts

This page is about all the custom glass gifts that I have available. I have designed a line of chipped edge glass with bases. These are perfect for creating custom gifts. Name plates, Memorial plaques and Home established plaques are three ways to use chipped glass. Here is a link to the gift page.

Custom glass name plates make perfect personal and corporate gifts.People love gifts with their names. Not only is it as personal as you can get but it also shows them that you cared enough to do some gift planning in advance. Most of the name plates you see are of polished edge glass without a base. My custom line of name plates feature a edge thatĀ  has been chipped by hand. They are offered with both a wood and glass base to support them and give them a finished appearance.

Chipped edge nameplate with chipped glass base

The glass in the picture is low-iron glass. It was created by lowering the iron content of the glass to reduce the green tint that you see in glass. These name plates are made from 3/8 inch thick glass. The chipped edge catches the light and makes it dance across the surface.

Coporate style nameplate with wood base

This is my corporate version of name plate. It is taller and has room to etch the name and logo of the company. I etched my company tag line into this name plate. That would give you an idea of how small lettering can be etched. If you are interested in more information on name plates and the options that are available such as size, shape , font styles, thickness and base options, visit my web site. My site is set up with PayPal to provide you with easeĀ  of use and credit card protection.