Shower Doors

Custom etched framed and frameless shower doors. The most common etched shower door design is a solid privacy stripe. In the past, the old privacy design was multiple etched stripes with 1/4 inch clear stripes in between. The solid stripe is a more clean contemporary look. This way you can have the clean look of clear glass and yet have a little privacy. Heavy door shower enclosures with etched glass are the ultimate in style and luxury. For more information on shower doors. Shower door gallery.

I etched a really nice set of 1/2″ doors this week. The design is a reverse etch with clear lines. This gives privacy to the shower. It has three separate box designs with a double line. The outside line is 1/2″ and the inside line is 3/8″. The towel bars are slightly lower than normal. The home owner had the towel bars custom made to match the rest of the bathroom hardware. If you notice the robe hook on the left is the same design as the towel bars.

Double shower doorThe shower is marble and tile. The double shower doors give the opening a very sophisticated look. The bath is a remodel project in a house built in 1914. The bath floor plan is long and narrow so I could not back up far enough to get a straight on shot. This is a picture taken from outside the bath. The light is on inside the shower. The doors completely fill the opening allowing a 1/4″ gap all the way around the doors.

Towel bars on the shower

Double shower picture

After etching the design on the glass, I applied ClearShield sealer to the glass. This does not keep the glass from getting dirty but makes the glass easier to clean. ClearShield sealer can be applied to both sides of the glass. This makes the water run off the glass like on the waxed surface of your car. Glass is rough when you look at it under a microscope. The ClearShield Seals the small pores of the glass making it easier to clean. This also resist the glass from staining from the hard water deposits and soap scum.

shower designThis is the artwork for the shower. This may make it easier for you to see the design. This pattern reminds me of cabinet doors. More panels could be added to the top of the design. The panel sizes could be made smaller or larger. This type of pattern is best for privacy. For a shower where you wanted some privacy but also wanted to see your custom tile, A design in the middle only with the top and bottom clear could be used.