Etched Window

Etched and carved window and window overlays. Do you have a window that needs a window treatment to keep people from seeing in? Most of your choices are putting up blinds or curtains. This makes it dark and dreary. It also makes a great place for dirt and cobwebs to collect. My idea is to use art glass as an overlay over the glass to create a clean surface that blocks peoples view but lets the light shine in. I have also built wood blinds and installed them behind the art glass. You can read the complete article here.

Designs can be carved into the glass, then the entire glass surface can be etched to completely obscure the glass. This allows almost any design to be used. It also blocks or diffuses harsh sunlight. This type of glass can be used in any window to block out people from seeing in or your view of something you would rather not see.

birds carved into the solid etched glass
Birds carved into the glass.

Here is a link for more information on designing a custom window.